About The Author

I'm a sin filled Christian, thankful that Jesus loves, forgives, and saves me.

I'm the youngest of 4...all of which are spread along the eastern portion of the country...from Hornell, NY to Pensacola, FL.

I am a United States Sailor who served on active duty from August of '07 to August of '11. I also served in the reserves from when I came off of active duty till November of '14. The reason I say I'm still a United States Sailor is because once you are a sailor, you are always a sailor!

I'm a graduate of Northland International University, where I got a bachelors in Pastoral Leadership and Expository Preaching.

I'm currently the pastor of Lakeview Bible Church in Crystal Falls, MI. I love this church so much, and I look forward to ministering there for however long God would have me stay.

I have a beautiful and godly fiancee whom God has blessed me with.  I look forward to marrying her on October 22, 2016!