21 going on 22 and still loving Patch the Pirate!

I have grown up my whole life listening to Patch adventures! I actually don't think I can remember a time when I didn't know who Patch the Pirate was. I remember when I was a little, before I started school, I used to listen to Patch the Pirate all day on rainy days. I remember my mom homeschooling the other kids, and I would be lounging on the floor in the living room listen to Patch Adventures.

Still today I love to listen to them. I often listen to them while I'm working out. Picture a 21 year old guy running on the treadmill laughing his head off to Patch the Pirate. I'm sure it's a pretty funny picture. Most people around me probably have no idea what I'm listening to...they probably think it's some raunchy comedian. If they only knew...

I even started a group on Facebook called "I grew up on Patch the Pirate." It's up to over a thousand members.

Probably my favorite adventures are...

Some of my favorite Characters for being funny are...

Lola ("The Screaming Hairy Armadillo" Armadillo Amigos): She is probably one of the most hysterical characters in a Patch Adventure yet! Hearing her Scream and say "Oh, so sorry." It makes me laugh my head off.

Christopher Columbus (Great American Time Machine): "With a Pizza Parlor on every corner!" So many good quotes from him, I could probably quote all of what he says! He's just a very funny guy.

Ferlin Frog & Cooter Turtle (Misterslippi River Race and Calliope Caper): They're like the Abbot and Costello of Patch the Pirate. The polar opposites, but with perfect chemistry. I love their song "Floatin' down the Misterslippi" and "Big Toe!" I also love in Calliope Caper when Ferlin is talking really fast, it cracks me up!

Vidalia (Polecats Poison): The classy southern woman with bad breath, what a paradox! I especially love the part where she breaths in Polecat Jacks face and makes him pass out. She is a very funny character.

Some characters that touched my heart...

George Washington (Great American Time Machine): What an inspiring character! Not eating until his men ate, getting down on his knees in the snow to pray...such an example.

Mr. Missionary (Patch the Pirate Goes to the Jungle): Living in the Jungle away from everybody with a church that's missing a roof, continuing to do work for the Lord. Praying and trusting in God that he would send help, not taking the treasure that the crocodile was sitting on because it wasn't his. What an example of faith! I only hope that when I'm in ministry I will be that faithful to the Lord work!

Some of my favorite songs are...

Trust in the Lord, Rejoice in the Lord, Sail On, Bow the Knee, I was made to praise the Lord, Love the Lord, Peace Be Still, Praise Song, Do Right, Great and Marvelous, Bring Forth Fruit, Mountain Moving Faith, Listen for the Trumpet, Lord Bless Our Home, Yours Forever, Cherish the Moment, I Do My Part, Open Our Eyes...and many many more!

I hope none of you are ever too old to enjoy Patch adventures. We can all take a lesson from them, no matter what our age!


Our kids have enjoyed Patch the Pirate too. Lydia's favorite line to imitate is: "Be a cool dude in the Click Club." Do you remember which story that is from? Can you just picture Lydia running around the house saying that? Kind of scary! :)

Hope you're doing well! We miss ya.

Yes, that's from "Friendship Mutiny?"
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Meagan said…
You are right Jason, she loves "Friendship Mutiny"!! Lydia doesn't quite understand that Vanity is a bad character, though.
Very cute!

I would have to say that my favorite one is Polcat's Poison! And yes, I also love Vidalia. My favorite song on there is "Possum Pot-Pie". Hehehe, we used to gross Ashley out by singing that one all the time!!

Thanks for posting these, brings back great memories!! Miss you,

Leah said…
I LOVE Patch the Pirate! I have listened to all of your favorites except the last one. I haven't listened to them for a while, but I've got some good memories of driving cross country and having Patch the Pirate Goes to the Jungle playing over and over. I might have to dig those out someday and listen to them all again. :)

Thank you for your comment on my blog! :)
Well, I figured since you checked out my blog, I should return the favor!