When I was told that the tour I was going on was going to involve "Whitewater Rafting" and "Canyoning," I knew what to expect from Whitewater Rafting because I had done it before, but Canyoning?  I was a little unsure...I thought it was like riding down natural water slides, but it turned out to be a little different than that.  It involved things that were like water slides, but in some parts it was like free falling from a tremendous height down into the water!  Slightly dangerous considering all the rocks that were around me!

I usually don't post pictures of myself, but I spent so much money to purchase these pics, that I can't help but post them.  I want to get as much out of them as I can!

This was taken by the camera man before we started.  They were telling us this may be our last picture ever taken, or at least the last picture we have with our teeth.  They were very good at encouraging us...Not!  The guy in the front row without a yellow life jacket was our guide.  He was an Australian Japanese Guy.  I never thought I would meet a Japanese guy with an Australian Accent.  It was kind of cool.

I was trying to look scared.  To be honest...I kind of was...


Katie said…
Wow...just seeing you on the edge makes me want to scream. lol I'm not big for heights or water so they never would have got me that far... :-)
Leah said…
Wow!! That looks like fun. :)
Rebekah said…
Hehehe... that picture is funny, but I'd be scared, too! I'm not very adventurous.~
Ooooo Jason. I'm so jealous! You know me and my love of things adventurous (parachuting, skydiving, etc.)! That looked like quite the awesome experience. When are you going to come home for a visit?! I miss you so much.
Probably not until Christmas again. I probably won't be able to save up enough to come home before then. I know, it will have been a year since I last saw you, by the time I come home. I guess the longer I'm gone the more special it will be when I come home right?
Ana said…
Wow. Looks like fun.
Anonymous said…
Jason, that is soooo cool! Personally, I don't think I would have the guts to do it, but I do think that is cool! I loved the pics you put on, you look like you haven't changed a bit! You should put more pictures of you on!! :) Miss you,
Praying for you,