Okinawa - Island Paradise with a Dark History

You Might find the Island of Okinawa to be one ironic place. You see the beautiful white sandy beaches with the crystal clear water rushing up on the shore...and you would expect it to have a pretty peaceful history. The exact opposite would be true. The Island of Okinawa was the sight of one of the bloodiest battles of WWII. I could go into detail but many of the stories I heard were a little too disturbing for some of my younger readers. Just take my word for it.

I figured I would just share with you some of the pictures I took. It is truly an astoundingly beautiful Island!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Here's the last one. The Sunset over Okinawa.


Meagan said…
Jason: those pictures are beautiful!! I especially like the sunset one. It is truly amazing what God can do in creation!! How beautiful.

Thanks for posting this. Praying for ya,
Katie said…
I just found your blog by way of another blog I read...and I have really enjoyed all that I have read. It's great to know that there are good Christian men serving our country. May God Bless your life and service to Him. Love the pictures by the way.

In Christ Arms,
Katie M.
I'm glad you enjoy my blog. I'm still kind of new at this, so I'm still learning the ins and outs.

I hope and pray that my blog continues to be a blessing to you, and that maybe...just will make you laugh too!
Ana said…
Oh wow! How cool!! Your pictures make me want to go there!