How Can It Be

O Savior, as my eyes behold
The wonders of Thy Might untold,
The heav'ns in glorious light arrayed,
the vast creation Thou has made-
And yet to think thou lovest me-
my heart cries out, "How can it be?"
As to the cross I humbly bow,
and gaze upon Thy thorn crowned brow,
And view the precious bleeding form
By cruel nails so bruised and torn,
Knowing Thy suff'ring was for me,
In grief I cry "How can it be."
How can it be? How can it be?
Was ever grace so full and free!
From heights of bliss to depths of woe
In loving kindness thou didst go,
From sin and shame to rescue me-
O Love Divine, How can it be?
How can it be? How can it be?
That God should love a soul like me,
O how can it be?
This is probably one of my favorite Hymns. It's not a very well known one. I was only able to find the words in one Hymn book and that was "Great Hymns of the Faith," and I also think it might be in "Majesty" as well. I thought of it mainly because I have a CD where the "Herbster Trio" sings it. I hope and pray that you are blessed by the words in this wonderful Hymn!


Leah said…
I believe we have the "Herbster Trio" singing it as well. That's where I've heard it! :) I love this song.
Ana said…
This IS a good song. We've sung it a few times in church.

And the Herbster Trio have wonderful songs! :) I have a couple of their C.D.'s