Kindle 2

I recently purchased a Kindle 2.  It is basically an electronic book.   You can download books off the Internet and read them on the screen.

When I first heard about this, I was really reluctant to try it.  I thought "Wow, this could get rid of books all together," and being a little old fashioned, I didn't like the sound of that.  Plus I was thinking that I didn't know if I could get used to reading from an electronic screen.  But then I realized that this would be very convenient for me considering my limited space living on the ship.  I could have hundreds of books at my fingertips, in just one small electronic device.

So I decided to buy it.  I can definitely say that I do not regret my decision!  The Kindle is awesome!  I have downloaded most importantly the Bible, which makes my daily bible reading very convenient, plus many other books.  I even found a website where I could download a bunch of old classics for free, because they of course no longer have a copyright.

I have done more reading since I got this awesome device than I have in a long time!  The screen is also very easy to read from.  It looks just like a page from a book.  It also has a dictionary on it, that allows you to select any word, from any book you are reading, and get the definition within seconds!

Can you tell that I love this thing?  I would not say that this would be good with everyone, because I understand the reluctance from some to get something like this.  But if you travel a lot, or you just want to have your reading be a little more convenient, this is perfect for you!

They also came out with a newer version recently that is slightly bigger, it's called the "Kindle DX."  The Kindle and the Kindle 2 are kind of small, but they're not too small.

If anyone has any questions, you can ask me, or go to Amazon and read about it there.


Rosebud said…
Sounds cool! I've seen the Kindle on the website but didn't know what it was.
Leah said…
WOW!! Maybe I should get one of those. :)
Ana said…
I've heard of Kindles but I'm also a little old fashioned ... okay ... a lot old fashioned and wasn't sure about them (although I do have a Zune (!!) and a laptop (!!) ... so maybe I'm not as old fashioned as I think). But love books, just everything about a book, the smell, the feel, the look, everything.

I'm glad you got a Kindle and that it is working wonderfully for you ... I'm glad I read this ... I'd never heard any "feed back" about Kindles before this.
Katie said…
Haha, my Daddy told me to look into one of those. I think he gets tired of my stacks upon stacks of books. :-) I might have to read into it now...
Ana said…
Just a side note: I really like the additions to your sidebar. Maybe you've had them there a while and I didn't see them before now. :)
No, it's okay, I just added them. Thank you for noticing!