Shampoo Disaster

I usually don't tell little anecdotes from my life, but something really interesting happened to me last night. So last night was our Wednesday evening service. I had a very good time, although it was slightly nerve racking at some points because Bro. Tajima was having me direct the singing, and while I enjoy doing it, I always get a little nervous. So after the singing and prayer time, Pastor Heath gets up to do the sermon. He spoke on James 2, about "Faith without works is dead." It was a very good sermon, and I got a lot out of it.

Anyways, afterwards Sister Ann and I practiced out duet that we're going to sing on the 19th (The Secret Place by Ron Hamilton.) After that Ann asked if I wanted a ride back onto the base and back to my ship, so I of course accepted her offer. So she drops me off on the ship and I head to my rack.

Well I get there and I open my book bag so I can take out my dirty gym clothes because I had worked out earlier in the day, and I'm pulling stuff out and noticing that there is this slimy light green colored substance on the stuff I'm pulling out. Upon further inspection I discover that it is shampoo. I realize the culprit is my bottle of shampoo that I had in my book bag from taking a shower after working out. I find the bottle, and it is almost completely empty, when I had just bought it a few days before. I thought, "Well, I guess this would be a good time to throw away a lot of junk that I have stowed away in my book bag!" So of course I had to sort through it all, and clean off a lot of electrical cords and such. I even had my old prepaid cell phone that had taken a bath in the shampoo. Funny thing is, is it still worked, even if it hadn't, I just recently bought and iPhone, so it was no big deal.

Anyways, so that was my adventure last night. After I pulled out everything that was in my bag and threw away a bunch of junk, I then took my book bag and rinsed it out in the sink in the bathroom. Now I have a nice clean book bag that smells like pert-plus shampoo! Fun times, fun times!


Rosebud said…
Sounds like a blast!! :D I hope nothing valuable was books...
Anderson family said…
That is soooo funny!!!!!!:D
Rosebud: No thankfully no books were ruined. I had my Kindle in there but it only got a little bit of Shampoo on it. I was able to clean it off and it still works, thank the Lord!
bug said…
good job! :P
Ana said…
Wow! That would be fun! I've had that happen with lotion that I carry around in my bag. Where the bottle just decides it's time to open and that everything should be covered in its silky-ness ... except it's not silky-ness, it's
gooie, sticky-ness.

I'm glad nothing valuable was wrecked.