The Basics of Life

By: Ephraim Lewis
We've turned the page, for a new day has dawned.
We've re-arranged what is right and what's wrong.
Somehow we've drifted so far from the truth
That we can't get back home
Where are the virtues that once gave us light?
Where are the morals that governed our lives?
Someday we all will awake and look back
Just to find what we've lost.
We need to get back to the basics of life.
A heart that is pure, and a love that is blind.
A faith that is fervently grounded in Christ.
The hope that endures for all time.
These are the basics...
We need to get back to the basics of life.
The newest rage is to reason it out.
Just meditate and you can and you can overcome every doubt.
After all they say man is god, they say.
God is no longer alive.
But I still believe in the old rugged cross,
And I still believe there is hope for the lost,
And I know the rock of all ages will stand
Through changes of time.
We've let the darkness invade us for too long.
We've got to turn the tide.
Oh and we need the passion that burned long ago
To come and open our eyes.
There's no room for compromise.
We need to get back to the basics of life.
A Heart that is pure, and I love that is blind.


Rosebud said…
Thanks for posting the whole thing--I remembered only the chorus.
This post is from Bug (Hannah). Her internet on campus won't let her go on blogspot. So this is what she wanted posted on here:

"Jesus said that if we have faith like a child then we could be saved, that is the beginning of the basics, and yet so often it is so easy to forget what we first believed..."
Rebekah said…
Hey Jason,
I've never heard this song..very good words.
Don't worry about reading the questionare..I understand- Girls are kinda hard to figure out sometimes. I think you should do a Guy questionare...hehe that would be educational!
Ha Ha! That's a good idea...maybe I'll come up with something...