A Tremendous Blessing...

On June 1st, 2008 I arrived on the USS Blue Ridge, in Yokosuka (Pronounced Yoko-ska), Japan. Unmarried, single in a foreign country sooooo far away from home. To be perfectly honest, I was pretty scared. At the beginning the only time I felt comfortable was at church. I knew that God was going to use this time to teach me some things. To teach me to depend on Him, to allow Him to be the comforting friend I needed.

I struggled with this big time....I found myself spending a lot of time on the computer, and spending money on things I didn't need, to maybe make me feel less lonely. I tried to depend on the Lord, and it helped a great deal, but to be honest...I'm an imperfect human, I have a hard time learning lessons like this. I wanted so badly to have somebody with me. I found myself calling home more and more during the week to have some kind of feeling like there was somebody with me.

Finally the Lord brought my friend Luci into my life. Luci was just what I needed. She helped me feel less lonely, and I helped her by being a the Christian friend she needed. We spent so much time together. Every weekend it was me and Luci hanging out, whether going out into town, or just sitting on a park bench talking. There was nothing more than friendship between us...we just helped keep each other company because we had no one else to depend on but the Lord. Well, when May of this year came around, Luci went underway. Her ship was going to be leaving, and not coming back for a long time. In fact, by the time her ship was going to be coming back, my ship was going to be going on a long underway. So we both knew when she left, we weren't going to be seeing each other till the end of November. I didn't know what I was going to do. I knew that this was the ultimate test from God to see if I would depend on Him for strength. I think this is where it finally began to sink in. I was beginning to learn the lesson God was trying to teach me. I had resigned to the fact that I probably wouldn't find "someone" until college, and I was okay with that.

Well on June 16th I go to my shop to check my email like I always do, and I see I have a message in my inbox, from some random girl in Indiana, and the rest is History. It's been about a month and half now, and I feel like I have known her my entire life. We talk about anything, and everything! We've even decided that over Christmas, I'm going to meet her face to face, and see what happens then.

I said all this because I just wanted to express how much of a blessing she has been to me. As I've said, I'm terrible at finding contentment when I'm alone. I often become very unmotivated, and lazy when I'm lonely. Well I have found in the past month and half that I have become so much happier, and a much harder worker. It's like God put her into my life to help give me purpose. He knows my imperfections, and he knows that I need to have someone in my life. So he gave her to me. Oh, and I probably she should tell you her name...well at least her blogspot alias...her name is "Bug" (aka Hannah).

We've decided at this point that until we meet, and I get permission from her Dad, we're going to remain just friends.

Oh, and I probably should take this time to thank the one responsible for this little hookup. Thank you Rosebud, without you, this never would have happened. So...thanks!


bug said…
The Lord has also blessed me so much by bringing you into my life. I'm often amazed at how He works!
And I totally agree on thanking Rosebud...you're brilliant my "tru friend" lol! :)
Rosebud said…
You're welcome, Jason. I am so blessed that God used me to bring you and Hannah together. =) His ways are amazing.
Melanie said…
That was so sweet! I have been having fun watching this all from the sidelines... I'm "Rosebud's" sister. :-)
Ana said…
Congratulations. I don't know the feeling, but I'm sure that is a feeling beyond anything one can imagine when you find the one God has for you and you know that He's the one who did everything! I'm happy for you.