Christmas Leave!

So, I talked to my Division Officer today about my leave. I asked her if even though I haven't gotten my leave request back if I could still buy my tickets, because I don't want to wait much longer because the tickets are only going to keep getting more expensive. So she told me that if my name is on the leave matrix for my department, my leave was going to be approved. They do this to make life easier for the Executive Officer, so that all he has to do is check the leave matrix, and sign the leave requests that are on the matrix.

So my Division Officer told me who to go talk to about my I went and talked to him, and it turns out my name is on the matrix. It actually turns out that the leave matrix is on the ships network, and I could have looked at it at any time! So, I'm going on leave, it's official!

I will depart from Narita Airport in Tokyo, at 5:10 PM, and will arrive in Houston 1:50 PM for my two hour layover. I depart Houston Airport at 3:45 PM, and arrive in Cleveland at 7:34 PM.

I will be going back and forth between Indiana and Ohio, visiting My family, Hannah, and Hannah's family. I can't wait! By the time I see Hannah (Bug) in person, I will have known her almost 6 months. Believe me, by then I will be so ready to see the girl who has blessed my life so much!

Thank you everyone for all your prayers...they were greatly appreciated, and of course they were answered!


Katie said…
Aw, thats awesome!! I was praying you'd get your time off!! I'm sure both of y'all are sooo excited!! : )
Rosebud said…
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Hannah called this morning to let me know. :) I am so excited for ya! :)
Rebekah said…
Yay! I'm so glad! Praise the Lord!I know you're excited!
God's Been Good said…
I am so glad that you get to go home and meet your special someone! ;D I know that ya'll are both excited!

Hannah said…
Yeah!! i cant wait to see you!! (well i hope we will get to see you) We all miss you a bunch!!
Hannah (Greenfield that is!!:)
Meg said…
glad you got your leave Jason! Praying for you :)

On a side note.... I was looking at the pics on your side-bar and I saw the one of "my family" and it reminded me of when you let Sara dye your hair.... "Calico" Jason!! :) Ah, such good memories.... you never were able to successfully cover it up! But hey, once you went into the Navy it was all shaved off, so you didn't have to live with it for too long. lol, thanks for the memory!!

love ya,
Oh boy...that's something I wish I could forget Meagan! It's alright...they were fun memories! Actually about a week before I went to boot camp Sara and I died our hair brown to get rid of did a pretty good job too. But your are right...the shaved head I got at the beginning of boot camp really took care of it. I look forward to seeing the whole family!
bug said…
Ok, well, I was just now able to look at this, and I gotta say YEEESSS!!! I'm soooooo excited! :) We will meet 4 days short of 6 months from when we started writing... :)
Oh and I've seen pictures of the was great stuff! :)