Hong Kong 2010

Alright, so this is my second time in Hong Kong, but this time I had a much better time. IC1 Geronimo and I went up to Victoria's Peak on a tram, and did some shopping and eating. The Chinese food we ate was delicious too!

This is Pineapple Rice...it is really good! I had it for the first time in Malaysia, and when I saw it on the menu at the restaurant we went to, I had to get it.

This is the Hong Kong Skyline at night.

Hong Kong Bay. Isn't it beautiful?

Hong Kong Skyline durring the day.

Okay, so I tried to upload a video of the ferry boat ride from the ship to pier in Hong Kong, but I let it try for about an hour, and it still wouldn't work. So I'll probably upload it when I get back to Japan, because the internet in my room is a lot faster.

Alright...so this is all for now.


Hannah said…
Oh wow!! I love the skyline pic and the rice thing looks....well....interesting!! lol i dont know i if i would be brave enough to try it!!
Ana said…
Wow. Again, you have wonderful pictures.
Yuri Richardson said…
Thanks for sharing the photos of Hong Kong; they are nice.

And while i'm at it I see you have a song (Beneath the Cross of Jesus) which is one of my favorites.