There's one definitely one thing that makes being in the Navy stationed on a ship so much more difficult...if someone has to get a hold of's not easy at all! So I get on Facebook yesterday, and what do my eyes behold? My sister's relationship status has changed from "In a relationship with Sam Hopkins," to "Engaged to Sam Hopkins." Now...this didn't come as much of a surprise because I knew she was going to be with Sam this week, and that she thought he was going to ask her soon...but I was still taken aback.

At first I'm thinking..."I had to find out on Facebook?" But then I realized how else could they have told me? I'm out in the Pacific floating in a big tin can...the only way I can really be reached is through my ship's email, or Facebook. Oh well...hopefully when my other sister gets engaged she'll be able to call me directly.

So anyways...congrats to my big sister Sara Ruth Hunsicker on her engagement to Samuel Abbott Hopkins. There's no set date as far as I know for the wedding yet...but I'm really hoping the Navy let's me go!


Oh...if you want to know more about can read my blog I wrote about my family back in January, called "Introducing the Hunsicker Family..."

Oh...just a little side note. Sam used to go to church with us way back when we lived in PA, and he was also lived near us back then too. No one from my family had had any contact with him for at least 10 years, until Sara stumbled accross his profile on Facebook, and they got back in touch. They've been long distance dating for almost a year now, with occasional visits now and then.

Anyways...there's a little history for all of you...
Rebekah said…
Oh how Sorry you had to find out on facebook though. Hey I'm on facebook too!!So is Katie Mathena..she asked me to be her friend, I was surprised to see how many people are actually on there that I know..and now I find out you are on there's a small world after all:)
I think everyone is on facebook lately...I'll have to look you up.

Hey...I've been trying to comment on your blog lately...but the internet on the ship is really slow, and everytime I try to go to your blog, you have so much stuff on it, that I think the internet just starts going bonkers trying to process everything. So that's why I have not commented lately...sorry!
Rachel M. said…
Congratulations and blessings to your sister!
Sorry that you had to find out on facebook :) :(
God bless them both!
In Christ,
Rachel M.
Rosebud said…
Congratulations on the prospect of a new brother/-in-law! :) That is pretty hard to find things out on FB...but the way I look at it, some things I would never find out at all if it weren't for FB. :P :)