What's Your Favorite
Candy? PB Twix
Main dish? Chicken Cordon Bleu
Dessert? Cheesecake
Drink? Milk, or juice.
Veggie? Broccoli.

Do You
Go to Starbucks Coffee Shop?
Yes, but I don’t get Coffee there, I usually get a frapuccino.
Go to the mall a lot? Not usually, and if I do have to go, I’m in and out really fast.
Talk on the phone everyday to someone who is not family? When I’m Yokosuka, yes. Luci and I talk on the phone almost every day. But when I’m on deployment, no.
Read your Bible everyday? I try, but I do miss and day here in there.
Do lots of reading? I try to, it’s so hard though, with how busy I am most of the time.
See your grandparents everyday? Nope, all my grandparents passed away.
Bake a lot? No, I don’t even remember the last time I baked something.
Clean your room everyday? Yes, I have to…I’m in the Navy!
Have to say your sorry to someone everyday? I don’t have to everyday, but I usually end up saying “Sorry” at least once every day.

A Certain Thing You Dislike Of Each Category
Veggie? Brussel Sprouts
Color? Pink.
Drink? Grapefruit juice…yuck!
Animal? Bees, wasps, hornets...anything that can sting really.

Do You Have A
No...I wish I did though!
Gift card at the moment? No.
Sewing machine? No…
Big mess under your bed? No! Again, I’m in the Navy…I’m not allowed to have a mess under my bed.
Pack of gum in your bag or purse? Well, I don’t carry a purse, but no I don’t have one in my backpack.
Computer in your room? Laptop.

Have You Ever
Been on a plane?
Many times.
Been out of state? Again, many times.
Been out of the country? Yep…I’m in Borneo right now!
Been in a eight-teen wheeler? Yep…when my family moved from PA to Ohio.
Been in a car accident? I’ve gone in the ditch a few times, but that’s about it. Don’t know if that counts…
Read about a hundred and fifty page book in about an hour? No!

Your Favorite Place To
Go shopping?
The Nex (Navy Exchange).
Eat out? In Japan: The Ramen House…in the States: Steak and Shake.
Go visit? Anywhere in Europe.
Read a good book at? On my balcony.

What color is your room?
How old are you? 22, I’ll be 23 on July 23rd.
What year were you born? 1987
Are you related to anyone important or famous? My grandma used to claim that we were related to Robert E. Lee, but I’ve never seen any proof, so I’m not sure.
Have you ever met a vice president? No.
Are you getting bored yet? No.
What are you thinking? I’m exited about hiking tomorrow!

Who You Will Tag
I’m not going to tag anyone…if you want to do it, feel free. I was bored, so that’s why I did it.


Rosebud said…
I have never seen this tag before, so I found it interesting!

Hey, WE are related to Robert E. Lee (supposedly ;))! :D And did you know that Robert E. Lee was related to Helen Keller, who was related to George Washington? ;)
Melanie said…
Hey, it's been said that we're related to Robert E. Lee too, though I'm not sure that it's true...
TexasLady said…
Happy Resurrection Day!! :) Marci maybe we are very distantly related? Like I said though, my grandma always said weird things, so it might not be true.