More Love

O your love oh Lord, is so vast and so wide,
Freely given to all who believe.
It soars above the highest height,
And it floods the deepest sea.
It moved your heart to send your only son,
To die on Calvary’s tree.
And now your love has pardoned my soul,
That it’s waters may flow through me.

O Lord I come to you with great shame,
For I feel my work is in vain.
I am moved by the sound of man’s empty praise,
When I serve other’s in your name.
If I give my wealth as a gift to the poor,
Or my body to the flames of the fire,
Still all will be lost when I stand in your sight,
If my motives are not love inspired.

O Lord how I long to be filled with your love.
I lift up my dry thirsty soul.
Overcome this love that I have for myself,
As I yield to the spirits control.
May the love of Christ in my heart,
And my knowledge of Him ever grow,
So the service I give to my King above,
Will reflect the love that He’s shown.

…will reflect the love that He’s shown.


Rosebud said…
I love that song. (I know I say that for like, every song you post, but it's true! :P :))
Caleb said…
This is great! Thank you for posting such great stuff! I really like this song that the Steve Pettit team sings. I like the music in the background too. Keep it up!