The Precious Blood

by: Steve Pettit

The precious blood of Jesus Christ, t
he covenant of grace
Unveils the wonders of God's love to Adams fallen race.
The Sovereign King who died for all, redeems us from our sin,
And makes us kings and priests of God where we shall reign with Him.

The precious blood of Jesus Christ, a new and living way
Gives access to a holy place where we can boldly pray.
In trying times of grief and pain a throne of grace is ours,
Where mercy flows for every need with God's sustaining pow'r.

The precious blood of Jesus Christ, the song of saints above
Who glory in the risen lamb and boast of God's great love.
From every nation tribe and tongue, one body all are we.
A people joined by grace alone for all eternity.


Rosebud said…
That's a great song.
TexasLady said…
I need to hear those words today, thanks for posting. What an amazing message.

Yuri Richardson said…
I've just listened to a sermon by Henry Gruver called the birth of Judah and your post fits right in line with it. Praise YHWH for your post today. It is very beautiful and fitting.