Summer Deployment 2010 - Palau

Our first port on our deployment was Palau. It was an awesome place. I went a chance to swim with stingless jellyfish, explore was awesome. I hope you enjoy the pics!

Here's the Blue Ridge anchored out in Palau. We had liberty boats to take us from the ship to the pier, and back again.

Palau is known for it's Rock Islands.

A natural arch in Palau, on the Rock Islands.

I went on a Historical tour to the Island of Peleliu. The island was the location for one of the first major battles of the pacific campaign durring WWII.

Japanese Tank

American Tank

Marine Landing Craft

One of the caves made by the Japanese durring their occupation of the Island. This one is known as the "Thousand Man Cave." This one had a pretty extensive network. I went back in there and did some exploring too. It was really cool! this picture was taken back in Korror. We went to an Indian restaurant called the Taj. They had really good food! This is what I got. It was really good...and cool! you are probably wondering about this picture. When we went to dinner I noticed this tiny little crab on our table. My friend Bagley put her finger next to him so you could see how small he was. We named him George...although sadly we had to leave him when we left the restaurant.


TexasLady said…
Wow! those water shots are stunning, especially the one with that the really blue water. And George is awesome, so tiny, I had no idea they started off so small.
Beautiful pictures! The natural arch is awesome! And George is adorable... :D