Summer Deployment 2010 - The Philippines and South Korea

So some of you may remember, but my ship has been to the Philippines before. Well, last time I was there, I went on a tour to Corregidor Island...the site of an old U.S. Army base back durring WWII. I won't go through all the history that I did when I was last here, if you want to read about it you can read the post I did on it last time we were here. It's called General Douglas McArthur, Corregidor, Philippines, and my Step-Grandfather...

So I said in that article, when I went on the tour I forgot the memory card for my camera. So this time we went, I remembered my memory card! I'll share with you some of the pictures I took!

This is a picture of our tour bus.

Some big guns.

Looking down the barrel of one of those big guns.

An even bigger gun.

This is a part of the Pacific War Memorial on the island.

Another part of the Pacific War Memorial. The "Eternal Flame of Freedom.

I love this statue. It depicts a U.S. Soldier and a Philippine Soldier helping each other to walk. It is a symbol of the friendship between our two nations, and also a testament of how we fought together durring the battle for the Philippines.

The "Mile Long Baracks." Called this because of it's length. It is not actually a mile long, but it's pretty long.

The Base Movie Theater. Doesn't look like much today does it?

The remains of a indoor pool inside one of the baracks.

One of the gun emplacements that was almost completely destroyed durring the assault by the Japanese, and then again by U.S. when the retook the island.

One of the "Disappearing Guns" on the island. It's called this because it couldn't be seen from a distance until it came up to fire. It would start out in this position where it was loaded, and when it was fired it would move up into sight.

And just in case that one breaks, there's a spare.

Never thought you'd consider a gun this size to be small, huh?

Malinta Tunnel.

A statue depicting General Douglas McArthur as he was leaving the island. The plaque below reads "I Shall Return." He kept his promise too...

After the Philippines we went to South Korea for our bi-anual exercise. I've only been out to do site seeing a few times in South Korea. Most of the time that we are there I usually just stay on the boat. So this last picture was the only picture I took while we were there.

The view from the boat in Busan, South Korea.


TexasLady said…
That's so neat to walk through WWII history. :) Thanks for pics. ~Marci~
I love the tour's sooo cool! :D
Meg said…
loved the pics! i really like the one of the tunnel! whenever we go through a tunnel we all hold our breath and see if we can hold it through the whole tunnel. sometimes i can't make it but most times i can. even if i suffer from lack of oxygen later :)

Caleb said…
Great pictures! It looks like such a neat place to visit. Thanks for posting...