Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happenings... I realized that not everyone on here knows about what's going with me since my last post about my leave. I'm back in Japan...back to work...kind of having mixed feelings about the whole thing. But oh well...9 months before I'll be coming home to prepare for college! Speaking of college...I should find out with in the next week if I've been accepted at Northland. Feeling kind of anxious about that. People keep telling me that they don't see any reason why I wouldn't get accepted...but there's still this nagging worry in the back of my mind about the whole's in God's hands though.

Hopefully I'll be on again soon with some things to write about...I've had some ideas floating around in my head, but have yet to organize them and come up with a comprehensive post. So...stand by for that one...

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