My leave so far... my leave has been really fun so far. I apologize to all my facebook friends who are my are having to see these pictures twice.

My sister's dog Mia. This was taken soon after I got home.

The family dog Ginger.

Listening to Meagan Greenfield play the Piano. I spent an evening at their house last week.

Meagan and Hannah Greenfield.

The three of us being strange.

Meagan and I.

Hannah and I.

Cuddling with Mia, and petting Tigris.

Two weeks ago I made curry for my family, well I should say I found a recipe and Mom and I made it. This is a pic of me eating it. Notice the headband? I wore that thing all day...

Alright...well that's all the pics for now. My sister Sara gets married on Saturday at 2PM (Eastern Time Zone). It's going to be fun, but I'll be happy when it's over! Monday, and Tuesday night I went to Kirtland Bethel Baptist Church in Kirtland, Ohio because the Pettit's have been there this week. I'm going to be going again tonight! I wish I could go again tomorrow night, because they're having an Irish concert, but we have the wedding rehearsal tomorrow night! Oh well...I did find out one cool thing though. Bro. Pettit said that pretty soon they are going to be coming out with a song book off a lot of their songs. I'm going to try and buy it as soon as it comes out!

Also...I talked to Northland and they told me to send my ACT scores, and my High School Transcripts. So I went online the other day and put in an order to have my ACT scores sent there, and I went to my High School yesterday and asked them to send my transcripts to Northland. So hopefully I'll be getting my acceptance letter soon? Only the Lord knows. So if you guys could be praying, I would appreciate it!

Anyways...I've already rambled on for far too long!


Caleb said…
Great to hear that you're having a great time during your leave! I am excited to hear about the new book Steve Pettit is preparing... I'm definitely going to check it out!