He Is Jesus

There’s a treasure great in beauty

Far surpassing earth’s great wealth

He is Jesus, Prince of Glory

Source of all grace, peace and health

There’s a fountain ever flowing

Satisfying all who drink

It is Jesus, Spring of Joy

To all who hail Him as their King


There’s a power, holy power

Breaking bonds of captive men

He is Jesus, mighty Jesus

Holy warrior and sinner’s friend

There’s a Savior rich in mercy

Quick to pardon all our sins

It is Jesus, Great Redeemer

Reconciling God and man


There’s a glorious Lord returning

And all will bow to Him alone

He is Jesus, King of Nations

Reigning from His gracious throne

There is One to whom our praises

Will through every age ascend

It is Jesus, King forever

Whose wondrous rule will never end


© 2003 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)


Caleb said…
What a great song! Thanks for posting!