30 Day Challenge: Day 14, A vacation you would like to take

My dream vacation would be a trip across Europe. I would like to say I have it all mapped out...for example, where I would visit first, how I would get there...but I haven't gone that in depth. But I can tell you all the countries I would like to visit...

I would like to visit Germany:

The main reason I want to visit Germany is because I'm either German, Swiss, or Swiss German on my Dad's side...I'm not completely sure. It's truly a beautiful country, and I would love to be able to spend some time traveling around such an amazing country.

Next I would love to visit Switzerland:

I would love to visit Switzerland, for much the same reason I would love to visit Germany. Although I would love to go hiking, in the Alps...they are so beautiful to me...

Next I would love to visit Ireland:

The main reason I would love to go to Ireland, is because that is where my Mom's side of the family is from. And besides...who isn't intrigued by this beautiful island?

And lastly I would love to visit Italy:

Unlike the other countries mentioned, that I wanted to visit mainly for family heritage reasons, Italy is not one of them. I'm not in the least bit Italian, at least not that I know of. Anyways...Italy is such an amazing country...so rich in history. Probably some of my favorite sites to visit are those that have historical value. Well, you cant get much more historical than Italy. Rome was at one time the center of the known world...who wouldn't want to visit an amazing place like that?

Well, those are all the main European countries I would love to visit. Although I would love to be able to visit every single country in Europe, these are the main ones...

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Day 14: A vacation you would like to take.

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Caleb said…
I have always wanted to travel Europe! Ireland is the first on my list, then Scotland.
Michaela ~ said…
Me oh my, what STUNNING pictures! o.O So beautiful...and good choices of countries, too. :) Very nice post.
Very interesting, Being one fourth Irish I’d like to visit Ireland, but while I’m there I’d have to visit Scotland as I’m also one eighth Scottish. We are also an eighth English, some of our relatives way back were the portrait painters for the King of England, you can actually go to England and see some of the paintings in a museum or some castles. So I would have to visit England as well. There’s this show on TV that airs every Sunday about traveling and these last few weeks they have been covering Italy, Germany and England. I really like the idea of touring Europe by train; I also love the European scenery. My step-grandfather is German and he visited the castle that was in this post. I am ultra-patriotic but I wish that there was some place in the US that looked like Europe. I would love to live in such an area so that I would have the sea on one side and be able to have a roughish forest on the other side…and have a large bustling city close enough to go to each day. Nice post, have a great day and God bless!
...I almost forgot! I’m also Cuban, but my Cuban relatives are four generations from Spain, so that means I’d have to put Spain down as a destination as well. Italy would be an awesome option as well! I've done a lot of research on Italy over the years and to be able to see all of the beautiful scenery and architect would be awesome. From what I have had from so far, the food is great and I hear that the rest of it is just as good.