30 Dat Challenge: Day 26, A childhood memory

Alright, so this one was kind of difficult. I have lots of memories from when I was little. Mostly from when my family lived in Souderton, PA. So, I'm having a hard time picking just one...

Well, when my family lived in Souderton, there was this big field, a park, and a big hill back behind our house. Most of my memories from childhood were spent in the area behind our house. Most of our summers were spent playing games in the field in the park. We'd be out in that field 'til it got dark almost every night. We'd play "Kick the Can", Guerilla Warfare, Capture the Flag and many other games 'til we could hardly the hands in front of our faces. Mom used to turn the back porch light on at night when it was time to come in.

Also, most of our winters were spent sledding down the big hill. Probably one of the most memorable events that happened on that hill, was when my dad thought he could snowboard down the hill. Well, he didn't make it very far down the hill before he fell and smacked his head on the ice. He got a concussion, and had temporary amnesia. I remember my mom wouldn't let me go into the house because she thought it might scare me that my dad had forgotten a lot of things.

Oh, the memories...fun times...

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Day 26: A childhood memory.
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