I just want to apologize in advance to all the people whose blogs I follow. My ship is on deployment right now, and it makes looking at people’s blogs and commenting really difficult. I can't give any details about where we're going, or how long we'll be out, but I just wanted to let you all know so that you don't wonder.

I'll try to get on and post when I can. Oh, and if you could all, also be praying for the safety of my ship. This is also probably my last deployment before I head home, so just pray that I can be patient.


Sophie said…
Don't worry about it! I'm sure we all understand!

And be safe over there! I'll be praying.
Thanks again for your service.
only 174 days jay!!! i'm praying for ya!!! love you bro!!
Joshua said…
I just followed you bro. Thanks for serving our country. It means a great deal to me. I will definitely be praying.

In Christ,
Joshua :)