Things I will miss, and things I wont miss about the Navy...

Well, as I reach my 1 week mark, it has caused me to reflect on my time in the Navy. I've been thinking about the things I will miss about the Navy, and also the things I won't miss about the Navy. I will make two lists...

Things I won't miss:
1. Room inspections
2. Uniform inspections
3. Standing at attention
4. Shipboard food
5. Navy Haircuts
6. Shaving every work day
7. Spotchecks
8. 3M (Material Maintenance Management, it's the program we use on the ship to perform maintenance on equipment on the ship)
9. Shipboard drills (GQ, ATFP, MTT...)
10. Underways
11. Shipboard watches
12. Writing all in capital letters
13. Wearing a military uniform
14. Being called by my last name
15. Being so far away from family and friends
16. The language that most sailors use
17. The alcohol usage that runs rampant in the navy
18. Navy terminology (Head, Deck, Bulkhead...)
19. Sea Sickness
20. Having to have a liberty buddy in foreign countries

Things I will miss:
1. The Camaraderie (You can go anywhere, meet a fellow sailor, and immediately have a full out conversation with them, that no one else would understand. Also when you're underway, it feels like you're a family)
2. The Foreign port visits (During my time in the Navy, I was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan, and these were the ports I visited: Nagasaki, Japan; Fukuoka, Japan; Otaru, Japan; Okinawa, Japan; Manila, Philippines; Singapore; Busan, South Korea; Vladivostok, Russia; Hong Kong, China; Da Nang, Vietnam; Pattaya, Thailand; Kuala Lampur, Malaysia; Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia; Guam, USA; Korror, Palau; Jakarta, Indonesia; Noumea, New Caledonia; Cairns, Australia; and Sydney, Australia.)
3. The varied group of people I work with

As you can list of things I'll miss is way shorter than my list of I won't miss. Don't get me wrong...I've said this before, but I do not regret my time in the Navy. I do regret some things I did along the way, but I know that ultimaley God has taught me so much through my time in the Navy, and I know that He put me in the Navy to teach me those things.

I've often wondered what I would tell my children (if I ever have any that is) if they told me they wanted to join the Navy. I know first of all I would encourage them to make sure it was what God wanted them to do. And if they did determine it was, I would sit them down and not sugar coat it at all. I would say something like: "The Navy will either make you or break you, depending on how you choose to handle it. Will you go through it depending on the Lord, and relying on Him for strength, or will you try to do it all in your own strength? This decision is what will determine whether it makes you or breaks you. It can strengthen your faith in ways you never believed possible, but it can also draw you so far away from God that you can hardly talk to him at times, if you are not careful."

Like I said, if it's what they beleived God wanted them to do, I would support them in their decision, but I must admit I would be more likely to support a son joining the Navy, than I would a daughter. Before I have all my girl followers up in arms against me, allow me to expound. I don't know what it is, but the Navy does something to girls. I have never met a single good Christian girl who joined the Navy, and wasn't changed for the worse. I have, on the other hand met many more guys who were able to stand up to the pressures that are put on them in the Navy. I could go into why I think that's the case, but I don't think it would be right...I can only tell you what I have observed. Sorry if I may have offended some people, but I'm just trying to be honest and truthful. If my daughter was earnestly able to prove to me that she knew it was what God wanted for her life, obviously I couldn't argue with her, because I would be arguing with God, but I must admit it would be very hard for me.

Well, 1 more week left in Japan, and 3 days to two weeks in Seatle, and finally homeward bound! Next week I'll be mailing all my stuff home, so it's going to be a busy week. I trust all is well with all my followers! Make sure you all wish your mothers a happy mothers day! I know yesterday I ordered some flowers to have them sent to my mom for mothers day...if any of my followers know her, please don't tell her! It's supposed to be a surprise. Unfortunately I ordered them so late, that they won't get to her until Thursday, but I know she will still love them.


I hate to break it to you Jason, but if Northland is like any of the Bible colleges I've attended you're going to have room inspections, be called by your last name (I've been called by my last name on more than one occasion), be far away from your family (although not nearly as far as Japan), and cafeteria food is probably similar to shipboard food.

On the bright side (this is coming from the daughter of a former sailor), anytime you meet someone in the Navy you'll still be able to have great conversations with them. And don't worry, at college you'll meet varied people too. :) If college is what is next in God's plan for you, you will find it very fulfilling and blessed.

Best of wishes to you as you finish out your time in the Navy and move on to other things. God bless!
PrincessR said…
I think that is neat you allowed the Lord to grow you during your time in the Navy. It was very thought provoking to read what you said about strengthening or breaking you.

I agree with what you said about girls. My first thought is that the Navy wasn't made for girls. It was made for guys. God made them very different. Which is a good thing. :)

Blessings! PrincessR