Abba Father

by: Ron Hamilton

Father, hold me safe in Your arms;
Father, keep me free from all harm.
I cast my care on You
Just like a child should do--
Trusting, loving all that You are.

Abba, Father,
I rest in You;
You're always faithful,
You're always true.
Abba, Father,
You are my song
Though clouds are dark,
Though night is long.
I cry to you,
Abba, Father

Father, help me lean on You more
Through each valley, through every storm.
Help me when I can't see
Your will is best for me;
Love me, hold me sheltered & warm.

Father, mold me, make me like new.
Guide my footsteps, keep my heart true--
So that the world may see
Your likeness lives in me.
Break me, shape me, make me like You.


This song is lovely. The words speak volumes and it's a great prayer song