So, tomorrow I turn 24. Not so sure about how I feel about's kind of scary actually. In one more year I'll be half way to 50! Sometimes I feel like time has gone by faaaar too quickly...I feel like I'm still a teenager...

Well, enough of me complaining about age...I got my class schedule today! Here are the classes I'm taking: Foundations for Biblical Living, Creation to Consummation, The Gospels, Basic Computer Skills, Fundamentals of Composition, World History I, and Fundamentals of Speech I. I'm hoping to also get into Concert Choir, or one of the smaller ensembles, but I'm pretty sure I have to wait till I get to Northland to audition for those.

Anyways...keeping sort of busy. Working for some people from church off and on. It's been good! I trust all is well with my followers, and I hope you are all having a blessed summer!


Caleb said…
Happy Birthday! I turned 18 on the 22nd...

College is getting close!
Cool, so your birthday is the day before mine...awesome! So, Happy belated Birthday!
Happy Belated Birthday Jason!!! Hope it was a great one!!! Anyways, I don't mean to bother you but I have a lot of questions about the Navy, could you please e-mail me?, Thanks a billion :-) PS. I hope all is going well!!!
@Caleb: Hey that's brother turned 17 on the 22nd! Happy birthday!

@Jason: If you have problems with World History let me know, I'll help if I can. :)
Hannah: I don't know, I love history, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem, but I'll contact you if I do!

Lizzy: Sure! I don't really have time tonight, but I'll be sure to shoot you one when I get a chance!