College days are almost here...

As you can see from my countdown I have on the side of my blog, I have 10 days before I head off to Northland!

I'm pretty excited. I bought my books on Amazon last week, and I also registered online for Concert Choir.

I'm going to miss spending time with my parents, but seeing as how I was away from them for most of the last 4 years, I'm ready to leave again. I've had a good time with them this summer, but it's time for me to move on to the next stage in life. I can't wait to see what God has in store for me!

I don't have to be to Northland until 4PM on the 31st, but I'm leaving on the 30th, and staying at a hotel in Green Bay, and driving the rest of the way the next day. I didn't really want to show up on the 31st exhausted because I just drove 12 hours. So this way I'll be getting a good nights sleep before I arrive at Northland.

Classes don't actually start until the we have about a week for registration and orientation.

I know of at least one of my followers who is starting college this year as well, but there may be more of you. So, to everyone who's starting college...I trust God that you will have a safe trip to college, and that God will help you to do the best you can in all of your classes.


It'll be a fun, new adventure in which I'm sure God will show you many new things and stretch you to become someone you never thought you could be. God bless you!
Caleb said…
12 hours, wow! That is a long drive! I'm praying for you brother, as you continue in the Lord's will!