College life...

Well, the day has finally come...I'm at Northland.  I arrived yesterday morning, bright and early.  The drive up here was long, and exhausting.  I think the worst part was driving through Chicago.  It wasn't even rush hour, but I'm really not used to having people around me driving sooo fast, and cutting me off left and right.  Trying to get over in the turning lane and there's someone there, and I can't get over, and my exit is coming up!  My dad even called while I was just entering the Chicago area, and I just picked up the phone and said "Sorry, I can't talk right now, trafic is crazy.  I'll call you back later!"  I'm used to country driving, and small city driving...but I do not like driving in a big city!  I talked to my room leader last night, and he said if I drive up through Michigan, the drive is much more relaxed.  So I think next semester I'll be taking that way.

Anyways...once I got through that, trafic got much better as I went North.

So, yesterday when I got here, the first thing I did was get my Northland ID, then I went to my dorm room and got unpacked.  No one was in the room, but thankfully I was able to get some help carrying my stuff into my dorm room.  Then durring the day, I mostly just walked around campus and worked on my registration.  I signed up for my Concert Choir interview.  The only thing I'm worried about, is I'll be graded on how well I sight read...which I'm not good at, at all!  We'll see's in God's hands!

In the evening we had a opening service with Dr. Ollila.  He let people stand up and talk about things God has been doing in their life.  I really wanted to get up and talk about what God had done in my life to lead me to Northland, but I was worried I would talk too long, because I know my story is a long one!  So, I chose to just sit and listen to everyone else.  The things I heard about what God did to get people to Northland, or how God provided money that was needed to come back to serve a great God!  He can do anything He wants...

After that Dr. Ollila gave a brief devotional from Joshua, and after that, we broke up into small groups to pray.  Then I went back to the dorm, and went to Walmart in Iron Mountain to get some extra stuff I needed.

The when I got back, we had a hall meeting where we sang, ate cookies, and they gave out some announcements.  Then we broke up into groups again to pray.  After that I went to bed.

Today we've got some orientation classes, and I'm taking, basically what is the equivalent of a "CLEP" exam for Basic Computers.  Hopefully I pass, and can take some extra classes this semester!

So, overall my assessment at this point about Northland, is I really like it.  The students are really nice, and really friendly.  I've met so many people, and honestly forgot most of their names.  But it's been good, yesterday I was really struggling with nervousness, but today I'm much more relaxed.  I like the focus of prayer that there is here...Dr. Olsen said that night "the greatest work we do as a Christian, is on our knees."  I like that, and I know if I keep prayer at the center of everything I do, then God will be at the center of everything I do.

Classes don't start until Monday, and both nervous and excited.

I trust everything is going well with all my followers!


Aggressive driving...such fun! Just remember, if you're going to be an evangelist it'll probably be easier to get used to driving in big cities now rather than later! If you want some good lessons and pointers talk to my dad, he's the one who taught me how to drive that way and I was never in an accident while living on Long Island!

I like the prayer emphasis! That is really awesome. Best of wishes to you on this new, exciting adventure in life.
Caleb said…
Praise the Lord everything is going well! Prayer is such an important part of the Christian life. I like what Dr. Olsen said...

I'm praying for you!