Saturday, September 3, 2011

Learning to be "Complete in Thee..."

Since I came to Northland, God has already been teaching me a lot of things.  But one thing He's been teaching me, just within the last, probably 16 hours, is the need for me to feel Complete in Christ.  I often struggle with a feeling of loneliness...often even when I'm surrounded by people, and people are being nice, and introducing themselves, I find myself feeling lonely.  This often leads to me walking up to girls and talking to them, hoping, that if it goes well, there could end up being something there between us.  I'm sure my readers know what I mean when I say that...

When I do this, then if it does go well, I start to get excited, and begin to have that feeling of "completeness."  After realizing that I do this, I realized something...why can I not feel this same "completeness" in Christ?  After all, He does love me more than anyone in this world.  He died for me, and all of us on the cross.  Why can I not rest in His love, and find that "completeness"?  I've often been told by people who are married, or in a happy dating relationship, that God brought along the right person for them, when they learned to rest in Christ love, and find that completeness in Christ.  This of course is harder than it sounds when the believer tries to apply it to their lives.

Sure, we are literally completed in Christ when we become a believer, and a follower of Christ, but overtime, we forget that.  We slip back into our flesh, and begin to lose sight of that completeness we once had in Christ.  The reason I say "we" is I'm sure I'm not the only one who is struggling with this.  I think this feeling of needing to feel complete, often leads to people rushing into relationships that God doesn't want them to be in, because that person who they love makes them feel complete.  We must be careful about this...I believe that God did ordain marriage to be a "completing" for us human beings.  After all the Bible says that when we marry we become "one flesh..."  I've often heard from Christians who are married, that they don't feel complete without their husband, or wife.

But, I think we as Christians can rely too heavily on that feeling of completeness we get from a relationship, and we lose sight of the One who can make us feel even more completed.  After all, the Christian is supposed to put Christ first, above all else.  "In Christ alone, my hope is found..."

So, the Lord just impressed upon my heart, to work on this.  Pray, read my bible, and seek the Him for that feeling of "completeness" that He can give me.  I, in turn felt the need to share it with my followers.  Have I arrived at a feeling of completeness in Christ?  No, but it's a work in progress, and I don't think it will ever be a "once, done" thing.  It will be a continual life process...

So, I would just encourage my followers, to seek to find completeness in Christ.  He is all we need...won't you join me in working on this?


Hallie Jo said...

Exactly something I've been attempting to learn in the past few hours! Thanks. :)

PrincessR said...

Yes, I know exactly what you mean! I have found that it is when I fully let go of something that God brings it back to me and it is much better than what I had wanted. :)

Thanks for sharing this. I hear it from girls all the time, so it is neat to hear of guys seeking God completely. :D


Meg Willis said...

Thank you for sharing this! It was seriously an encouragement to me as I've been struggling with the same kind of thing..