School winding down...

Well, classes are winding down.  People are getting ready to go home for Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, I will not be going home for Thanksgiving.  I was thinking about it, but I called Mom, and she said that there was no use making the 13 drive home only to be home for what would amount to only 2 days home.

So my dorm supervisor and his wife actually invited me to have Thanksgiving with them, so I'm pretty stoked about that.  They actually live in a small appartment inside the dorm buidling, so I don't even have to leave my dorm building.

Final projects are beginning to come up, and most of them I've already gotten a head start on.

Finals will be here before I know it!  Most classes I'm not too worried about, except English.  That is by far my worst class.  You can probably tell based on reading my blog posts!

I've already registered for classes next semester.  I'm taking:  Historical Books (BIB 112), Acts and Pauline Epistles (BIB 122), Introduction to Cross-Cultural Ministry (CCS 101), Outreach and Discipleship Ministries (CHU 231), Composition and Research (ENG 102), Composition and Research (ENG 112), World History II (HIS 102), and Fundamentals of Speech (SPC 102).  Outreach and Discipleship Ministries seems to be my first major specific I'm pretty excited about that class.  I'm also pretty excited about Acts and Pauline Epistles because the Professor who teaches it, I have for a class this semester, and he's an awesome teacher!

Christmas break will be here before too long.  It starts December 16th and ends January 22nd.  I'm pretty excited to be going home.  I'm actually singing for our annual church Christmas Concert at our church on the 18th, so I'm also pretty excited about that as well.

I was also officially approved by Northland Camp to work here this summer.  I'm going to be working as a Junior counselor.  I can't wait!  It's pretty much going to keep me here all summer.  It begins May 20th, and ends about a week or two before classes start up again next fall.

Right now I'm actually at work.  I work ever Saturday night from 11-2.  It's a shift I work in our security booth, so it just means answering the phone and loging the reports that the rounds workers relay to me.  So, don't worry, I'm allowed to be on the computer right now.

We got about a half inch of snow tonight, and it's pretty funny because it's my extension teams turn to shovel at the church tomorrow morning.  I remember about a month ago when our pastor sent us the list I was really hoping we wouldn't get snow, but sure enough we did.  Not like I don't like snow, I do, it's just I wish it would have hit on any Saturday night but this one.  Oh well, it shouldn't be too bad considering there's not a whole lot of snow.

Well, I think that's about all I wanted to share.  I trust all is well with my followers!


PrincessR said…
Hi Jason,

Bummer you can't go home for Thanksgiving. I am glad someone opened their home to you. Neat that you have a long Christmas break!

Isn't it nice to know what you should be doing with your life- even if it is just through the summer? :D

Sorry you get to shovel snow. although I am laughing as I say it. You probably got the shift that will be snowed on each time while everyone else will get sunny days. :) At least, that is how the snow is down here.

It was nice to "catch up" with you.


PS- Grammer isn't my speciality either. :)
GiGi said…
Haven't talked to you in a while.
I just thought it was funny though when I looked at your classes!
I am taking Dynamics of Discipleship and Cross Cultural Communication next semester! I guess that would be the equivalent of your classes here at BBC.
Anyways, I hope your semester is going well! Have a great Thanksgiving!
You're taking to English classes?? Sounds like what I did my second semester as well. Fun stuff. :)

That's really exciting about being a counselor. You'll be great.
Yes, I'm taking two English Classes, but one is basically a tutorial class for the other. 102 is a class where I have to work on one research paper for the whole year...and 112 is the tutorial where they give us extra help with it.