Saturday, December 10, 2011

Almost home...

Well, finals are this coming week.  It's hard to believe I'm already almost done with my first semester of college.  It has definitely been an exciting semester.  I have learned so much, and have made so many good friends!

My last final in on Thursday, but I'm taking some friends to the Airport Friday morning, so I have to stay until then, but I'm leaving very early in the morning.  I should be getting home sometime late in the evening. 

In morning devotions on Friday, Doc "O" asked us what the major lesson was that God taught us this semester. I didn't have to think's definitely an increased desire to know God in my heart. To have a deeper understanding of His attributes, and what they indicate about His character. Steadfast love, abounding grace, his Faithfulness, he's the cornerstone, the foundation...the list could go on. The whole bible is filled with descriptive words of Him...and I can't get enough of them...before I had a head knowledge of his attributes, but I hadn't really allowed them to sink in. But I've certainly not "arrived" at a complete understanding of my God, I never will...the Christians life should never cease to seek to understand God better...this is an ongoing process.

Your view of God is the most important thing about you...
-A. W. Tozer

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Caleb said...

I'll be praying for you as you take your finals and make the trip back home!