Bird Nerd Central!

Since I've come to Northland I've been trying to figure out what this noisy bird is that I often hear off in the distance on campus. At first I caught short glimpses of it off in the distance, and it looked really big. Finally I saw it before I left for spring break, and it looked like some kind of crane. It definitely wasn't a Great Blue Heron because it flies with it's neck extended. Well, I kept meaning to look it up, but I kept yesterday on the way to church, I saw one, and once again I thought, "I need to look it up, to see if I can find out what it is!" So, this morning I's a...drum roll please?! It's a...Sandhill Crane!

Wisconsin and Michigan are in it's summer breeding range. Their range does not extend into Ohio and Pennsylvania, which explains why I don't remember ever seeing them before. 

I'm such a bird nerd...

Here's some info on it for my fellow bird nerds.  Click here.