Freshman year done... final grades for all my classes are in, and I have passed my Freshman year of college!  I'm officially a Sophomore!  Oh feels good.  I can take no credit for getting to the place where I am right is only by God's grace...

Tonight we have rehearsal for our concert, tomorrow morning is "White Glove", tomorrow evening is the spring concert, and Saturday morning I begin the trek for home!

I'll be home till May 30th and then it's on the road back to Northland for camp.  I'm really looking forward to what God will do in my life this summer.  I say "will" because I know God can teach me a lesson in everything I do, and I want to humbly to submit to whatever He would have for me.

I know one main thing God has been convicting me about lately, is my fear of man.  I'm so afraid of not meeting mans approval, and so afraid of rejection that this cripples me far too often.  This is especially evident in the area of witnessing.  The Great Commission commands us as Christians to go and make disciples.  "Lord, help me to have courage.  Help me to keep my eyes fixed on You.  Help me to put You first, and that I would do your will in my every action."

I trust that everyone else has great things planned for this summer, but most importantly, I hope you are all surrendered to what God would have for you this summer!  Everything we (as Christians) do is an act of worship, and can be done with a humble servant attitude...whether we're working for a garbage company, or pastoring a church.  They can all be "great" things, when they are done with pleasing God as the focus.