Camp Update

Well, we just finished our 2nd week of family camp after two weeks of teen and junior camps.  God has been teaching me so much since I got up here to camp.

I love the way Northland does camp.  They have two weeks of staff training before the campers arrive, and the staff training isn't just teaching us how to be good counselors...they basically counsel the counselors before the campers even arrive.  Staff training was an awesome two weeks of just purging idols.  God continues to reveal to me areas of my life where I rely on earthly things (which pass away), and He's helping me to look to Him for strength, and endurance in my Christian race.

The "Catch Phrase" for the summer is, "Jesus is better."  He's better than anything I/we put before Him.  He's better than man's approval, He's better than my own self exaltation, He's better than everything...

I've had two weeks of working with campers, directly, as a junior counselor.  My first week was very stressful, because I was still learning how to do all the things I needed to do as counselor in a week, but the 2nd week was trying to my patience, but God saw me through both weeks, and I'm so thankful for the times that His grace was evident.

I've also had a few difficult situations at home.  One of the ladies in my church lost her baby who was only alive for approximately two months, and also an old friend from when I was in middle school died in a car accident.  God has been teaching me through these things, that even though I might not understand what's going on, He is sovereign, and He has a perfect plan that is being accomplished through all this.  "His way is perfect..."

One last thing that God has been working on my heart about lately that I wanted to share is the fact that I need to be content with being single right now.  I'm getting closer to the point where I would be content to be single for the rest of my life, if that be God's will.  People always say that a pastor should have a wife, but the bible doesn't demand that they have a wife.  The bible says they are to be the husband of one wife, but that just means they shouldn't have more than one.  I believe that if it were God's will for me to be single, that He could provide a woman in the church for me to send woman who are struggling to.  Would I like to be married, and have kids...certainly...but if it's not God's will, I don't want it.

Well, that's all for now.  Please be praying in the upcoming weeks, as we'll have more campers to work with.

I trust all my followers are having a great summer!  Keep seeking God, for He is better!