I'm going to be an uncle again!

Saturday night I got a message from my sister on Facebook.  She was telling me that she was pregnant...before I got too excited I had to ask her if her friend Rae had hacked her Facebook.  Her friend is always posting random things on her facebook, so, I wouldn't have been surprised if this was her messaging me.  She responded by saying, "No, it's me, Bub!! :D"  That's what she calls me, so I knew for sure it was her!

I wanted really badly to post about it right then, but I couldn't because she wanted to make sure her in-laws knew about it before it went on facebook, or anywhere else on the internet...

So...congrats to my sister Sara, and her husband Sam on the baby they will be having!  I look forward to meeting the little guy/girl when it arrives!


PrincessR said…
Yay!!! Congrats!!!!