Missions Trip this Summer

God has given me the tremendous opportunity to take a missions trip to North West Africa this summer. I can’t say what country it is, because in this country they are not as friendly to the gospel as the United States is (yes, it’s a Muslim country). The scope of our ministry will include going into the universities of this country and interacting with English speaking students in order to share the gospel with them, and I’ve been told that a great number of college age students can speak English.
This semester at Northland, God has really been working on my heart about missions. He revealed to me that my heart was very hard toward the need for the gospel in so many parts of the world. After some prayerful consideration, I talked to the GO (Global Opportunities) office here at Northland because I thought that God might be directing me to change my major to missions. After talking to Ken Keith, one of the GO office workers (and team leader for the trip I’m planning on going on), he suggested that I go on a missions trip this summer to see if God reveals his will after experiencing missions first hand. After more prayerful consideration, I decided I would go.
Here are some of the reasons why I would like to go on this trip, besides the reason I have already mentioned:
  • I would like the opportunity to be able to assist these missionaries in their work, while also trying to serve them in any way I can while I am there.
  • I would like the opportunity to share the gospel with those who have never heard about Jesus, the savior of the world.
  • I would like the opportunity to be stretched in my spiritual walk with God by giving me a new and trying experience to go through. I’m so tired of my own tendency toward apathy, and I really believe that this mission’s trip could help open my eyes to the need for the gospel around the world.
I understand that during this time of uncertainty and financial struggle in our country, that donating to a cause such as this can be difficult. I need to raise $3,200 for this trip. Any money that I receive that is more than this will be given to my other teammates who have not raised all their funds yet. If you can donate, then you have two options for how you can.

Option #1, is that you can donate online by going to this website and following the instructions: https://secure.qgiv.com/hobnob/account/18248.

Option #2, is that you can mail a check to the address listed below. If you choose this option, make checks payable to “Northland” or “Northland International University” and write “Jason Hunsicker” in the memo line.

Please Mail Checks to:
Northland International University
Center for Global Opportunities
W10085 Pike Plains Rd.
Dunbar, WI 54119

If you cannot donate, I completely understand. Whether you can or can’t, I can always use a bunch of prayers! My trip will be taking place from May 14 – June 15, 2013, so you could be praying for me during that time, and even before I go.


Caleb said…
I will be praying for you as you prepare for this life-changing experience... What an exciting opportunity!