Second Invitation...: Overcoming Elections Blues

Follow the link below to see a post by a pastor who's blog I follow.  Very encouraging words!

Second Invitation...: Overcoming Elections Blues


Sarah said…
Mine was that last and this morning.
Jason Hunsicker said…
If you follow the link, you can read the whole's not my post...that's just a snippet of the actual post.
Elizabeth K said…
If you believe something is not moral then don't participate in it. We can't expect the entire country to feel the same way, to have the same views and beliefs. Also, as children of God and claimed Christians, aren't we supposed to love one another, no matter what, no matter how hard. So can someone please explain to me why we are so hateful and judgmental towards those whose beliefs don't follow ours? To gays, to women who make their own health care choices based on their own morals, etc.... I know what the bible says, but doesn't it also say to treat one another as we would like to be treated???? If we're not following the rules of the bible, if we're not truly following God, how can we judge others? Why are we judging others when in the end it's us who are judged and our opinions don't matter?



** I posted this on the blog link above, but Jason, I would really love to hear your opinion
Jason Hunsicker said…
I would agree that we as Christians, we are to love one another no matter what. Christians have failed big time in this area...far too much! Homosexuals and women who have had abortions should be loved by Christians just as much as anyone else. In fact, when you read the gospels, Jesus didn't go to the "religious"...He went to the sinners, and loved them. However, you never once saw Him being supportive of their sinful lifestyles. He calls them out and tells them to "sin no more." This is what we call, "Hating the sin, but loving the sinner." We are never to hate the sinner.

I've known too many Christians who hate homosexuals...and this is so wrong! This is not how God intended it to be.

So you're right...but I have to disagree with your conclusions. If we're to wait till we're sinless in order to limit their freedom to practice their sin...we'll never be able to...because we'll always be sinful as long as we're on this earth. All we can do is seek to love like Jesus, seek His face, and He will make the changes that need to be made. But, we can't just sit on the sidelines and let sin run rampant. We are to proclaim Christ and call sinners to repentance.