Voice of the Martyrs, country to pray for this week: Chiapas (Mexico)

Chiapas is the southernmost state in Mexico. Since 1994, the leftist Zapatista paramilitary group has used Chiapas as a base for its anti-government activities. Many indigenous Chiapans are descended from the Maya and are largely marginalized by the government. Catholicism in the region is blended heavily with traditions from indigenous religions.

Category: Hostile Nation
Religion: Folk Catholicism 64.5%, Christian (evangelical) 21.9%
Ideology: Mixture of folk Catholic syncretism and liberation theology
Head of State: Governor Juan José Sabines Guerrero

Evangelicals in Chiapas face prejudice, harassment and expulsion from their villages, as well as attacks against their churches and private property. Opposition to evangelicals is mostly due to their refusal to participate in syncretistic community religious events that involve pagan rituals and heavy drinking. Evangelicals are considered a threat to local political and religious leaders’ control. VOM provided support to a group of displaced Chiapan Christians.

Daily Prayer Requests:
February 26:  Evangelical Christians continue to suffer at the hands of community leaders in the Chiapas region.
February 27:  Pray for Christians attempting to return to their community after being run off.
February 28:  Many Christians are enslaved by traditional practices.  Pray that they will find freedom in Christ.