Probably my last post before I leave...

Well...the school year is almost over.  I've taken all but two of my final exams...those I'll be taking at 8AM (Systematic Theology IV) and 9:30AM (Biblical Hermeneutics) tomorrow.  I'm almost positive that I've passed all my classes...and depending on how my Greek Final went...I might even get the academic scholarship!

This Sunday is when I'll be leaving for North Africa!  It's so hard to believe that it's already this close at hand.  God has been so good to provide all the funds for it, and even providing much more than I needed!  I would like to request prayer that God would give me courage that overcomes fear.  I know my fears will always be there...but God can give me courage to overcome them.  I so easily fall into fear that causes me to not act when I should.

I would also like to pray for focus...focussing on the mission.  When I get home I'll be seeing a lot of my family, and I'm really excited about I do not want to be so focused on that, that I'm not focussing on the mission.

I would finally like to request prayer for my pastoral internship I'll be doing in Illinois when I get back from North Africa.  I'll be working with the youth and with music ministries.

Well...this will probably be my last post before I leave...I probably won't be posting at all while I'm there.  I'll definitely do a post on it when I get back though!

What would I like to leave with you all?  Keep your eyes on Jesus.  Some of my readers are students...and even for those who aren't...summer is often a time for relaxation and can be a time where we take a break from God.  This doesn't make sense, though...does it?  I mean...we have more time to spend in the Word...why is it so hard?  I guess we feel like we don't need it...we're doing well, having fun...we don't need the Word as much as we need it when we're tired with classes and such...but this is of course not true at all!  We need Him at all times!  So...keep your eyes on the good times and the bad...

Take every opportunity you can to minister and love on both believers and unbelievers!

Have a blessed summer friends!