Francis Bacon

This semester at Northland I'm taking a class called "Introduction to Philosophy" a part of the class we have to write a paper on a philosopher.  I chose to do mine on Francis Bacon, as I had heard about him in the movie, Amazing Grace.  As I am reading through his work, "The Great Instauration", I came across a paragraph wherein Bacon prays a prayer...I thought I'd share it, as it has made me very excited to study Bacon it is:

Wherefore, seeing that these things do not depend upon myself, at the outset of the work I most humbly and fervently pray to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost, that remembering the sorrows of mankind and the pilgrimage of this our life wherein we wear out days few and evil, they will vouchsafe through my hands to endow the human family with new mercies. This likewise I humbly pray, that things human may not interfere with things divine, and that from the opening of the ways of sense and the increase of natural light there may arise in our minds no incredulity or darkness with regard to the divine mysteries; but rather that the understanding being thereby purified and purged of fancies and vanity, and yet not the less subject and entirely submissive to the divine oracles, may give to faith that which is faith’s. Lastly, that knowledge being now discharged of that venom which the serpent infused into it, and which makes the mind of man to swell, we may not be wise above measure and sobriety, but cultivate truth in charity.
-Francis Bacon