Jesus in the middle?

There's a song by Chris August that I really's called "Restore."  In the song he talks about how God can help restore relationships...specifically it's talking about with a marriage relationship.  One line of the song says, "They finally figured out they needed Jesus in the middle, now I'm watching God rebuild their home."

I've often heard this as a theme among Christian married and dating couples...they say that in order to have a good godly relationship, God must be at the center of the relationship.  Now...I'm 26 and single, and I would like to ask my Christian dating and married followers and friends if you could answer a question I have.  What does putting "Jesus in the middle" look like?  I'm looking for practical examples if you can give them.  If not, just any godly relationship advice would be appreciated.

Please comment below with your advice.  I moderate comments, so I'll view them and post them as I get them.

Thanks in advance!


Anonymous said…
My wife and I decided while we were still dating that we would always keep God in the center of our relationship. Practically this means that we read the Bible together and pray together. We try to always follow the commands in the Bible concerning married life and the Christian walk in general.

I have found that when I am obeying God's commands that I love my wife more, but when I am sinning and not putting God as my focus then my relationship with my wife suffers.

To put it simply, when I am focused on God I become selfless, but when I take my eyes off of him I become selfish.
Rebecca said…
We have been married 26 years. My husband was not saved when we got married and I was not walking with the Lord. Having the Lord at the center of our relationship has saved our marriage. We have a greater agenda for our marriage now than just our own personal happiness. Our testimony (and the picture of Christ and the church)comes into play. This affects the way we treat each other, the way we interact, the way we speak to each is not just about us. We encourage each other in our personal walk with the Lord pointing each other to Christ. When there is strife in my relationship with my spouse, it affects my walk with the Lord and vice versa. The Lord has given us a transparency with each other that was not present before Christ.