It's getting real...

I haven't given an update lately on what's been going on with me at my church...and with recent developments, I think now is a good time for an update!

As many of you know, this past February my church voted and I became the "Student Pastor" of my church (Lakeview Bible Church, Crystal Falls, MI). And then in April my church voted to make me Associate Pastor. My pastor at that time decided that he would retire in June of 2015, and that if I wanted to stay, the church would vote at that time to take me on a Senior Pastor. This summer I worked at my church full time and loved it!  I decided toward the middle of the summer that I would stay as long as the church gave an affirmative vote that they wanted me to stay.

Well, in the last few weeks things have moved forward much faster than previously anticipated. A few weeks ago, my pastor, Dick Kreider, announced that he would be retiring on January 1st, instead of June 1st. Since then things have moved into high gear, as the leadership team works toward making this transition as smooth as possible.

I am so excited about the future, and I look forward to seeing what God does!

I have two prayer prayer requests that I'd like to ask my readers to pray for (although I could write a book on all the things I need prayer for):

  1. On this Sunday we will be having a Q&A time with the whole church during Sunday School.  Please pray for wisdom for me as I seek to answer the questions the church poses to me.
  2. The Following Sunday the church will be voting about whether to approve me as Senior Pastor of Lakeview Bible Church.
Like I said, I'm very excited about all this!  God is so gracious to allow me this potential opportunity to serve the church I have grown to love so much! But I covet your prayers!