Stability in an unstable world...

This Sunday I'm speaking out of Isaiah 40...and this morning I was studying and I came across a verse I had read before...but the implications of it struck me again in a renewed way...this is the verse I came across:

The grass withers, the flower fades,
but the word of our God will stand forever.
Isaiah 40:8 (ESV)
In our crazy world today it can be hard to discern the truth. Everywhere we look there are people reporting the news, and talking about what's happening in the world...but it's hard to discern what is the truth...because EVERYONE is matter how hard someone may try to remain unbiased in their news report, they can' is impossible. Someone will take the facts and interpret them through their worldview and then they make a conclusion about it, and they report on it...but it's all so biased! You watch Fox News and your going to get a very conservative spin on the watch MSNBC and you're going to get a very liberal spin on the news...I usually end up getting my news from the BBC because I figure since they're not a US new company, they're more likely to be unbiased about what's happening in the US.  But I often find myself becoming very discouraged by all can I really know the truth in the midst of all this noise? I have friends on Facebook who are liberal and friends on Facebook who are conservative...and both sides post articles that are about the same events, but the reports and opinions on what happens do not agree! So how do we deal with this? In a confused and unstable world where it's so hard to find the truth...what do we do?

We run to verses like Isaiah 40:8. God's Word is truth...and it will stand forever. Earthly thrones and kingdoms fall...people live and die...persecution comes and goes...politicians lie and occasionally tell the truth...but God's Word endures! God's Word shall stand! We can trust His Word in an untrustworthy world.

We can look at God's Word and see that everything that was ever predicted in it has come true...Jesus' coming was predicted as early as Genesis 3...and even though it takes a long time from a human perspective for this to be fulfilled, it was fulfilled! Jesus did come! He brought the promised salvation! Every promise that God has made has been fulfilled...and we can trust that every promise that has not yet been fulfilled will ultimately be fulfilled! Christ will return...all wrongs will be made right! Jesus will be the perfect ruler who will rule with truth and justice! Of this we can be absolutely sure!

So in a world that is ever changing...and truth can be so hard to find...let's cling to the truths we can be sure of...and that is the truths of God's Word!