A Balanced View of the Election...

Depending on what Christians you talk to about the election, you might get one of two responses:

  1. I'm doing all kinds of research on who I should vote for in the election. I'm just really afraid that the person I don't like will get into office. He's just so bad, and I really fear for our country if he gets elected. I might even move to Canada if he gets elected.
  2. God is sovereign over it all. So, frankly, I'm not worried. Whoever God wants to get in office will get into office, so I'm trusting Him. I try to stay away from looking at politics too much, because it only makes me trust God less and fear the situation more.
Which of these responses is correct? Or is it neither? I would argue that a good response lies somewhere in between. We should absolutely trust God that He is sovereign over it all, and we will get the president that He purposes for us to have. But some people can take this view of the situation too far by saying that they won't even vote, or that they won't take the time to be well educated about the candidates before they go to the polls. The truth is, we live in a country where we've been given a voice...we can cast a vote to give our opinion about who should be in office...and we should use that voice! Is God ultimately sovereign over all those votes and who he purposes to get into office will get into office? Absolutely...but God is sovereign over who votes, and how those votes of each individual person will add up. So, we should pray, and we should vote.

In this situation we see the intersection of God's sovereignty and man's responsibility. God is sovereign over who will get into office...but we have a responsibility to cast a vote, and to be well educated about the candidates so that we can make an informed decision.

But we also should not let fear drive us. Are their people who are running who are scary? Yes. Can these scary people potentially get into office? Yes. But God is in control. We can trust Him that whoever gets into office, got into office because it was God's sovereign will that he/she get into office. We can and should rest in His sovereignty in this.

So, to summarize...let's trust in God's sovereignty in this election and not fear the outcome, but let's still vote and be informed voters by really doing research to discern which person we think would be the best person to run our country.

That is all...