Monday, June 30, 2014

Is Mental Illness Actually Biblical?

Once again, much like my previous's another topic that I'm extremely passionate about, but the same blogger/pastor/author/musician, Stephen Altrogge, said it much better than I ever could. To read the article follow this link:  Is Mental Illness Actually Biblical?

Serving Those In The Church Who Struggle With Same-Sex Attraction

There are many topics on which God has given me a great amount of passion, and one of these things is the way that the church is/has handled the issue of Homosexuality and Same-Sex Attraction.  I have been going back and forth in my mind about whether to write a blog post on this issue, because I think it's a big problem.  Too many Christians are afraid to talk about this issue because they're afraid of condemnation, or being treated differently because of their struggle.  Too many Christians stand at a "safe distance" so as not to be identified with them, and what they need is our love...our support, and to be treated like any Christian who has struggles with sin. I said, I've been wanting to write a blog post on this, but I found a blog post on another blog that handles this issue way better than I could.  I've read the book by the guy who's interviewed called, Is God Anti-Gay? and it is an excellent book!  I highly recommend it...anywho...follow this link to read the article: Serving Those In the Church Who Struggle With Same-Sex Attraction.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Blessed Beyond Measure...

As any of you who have been following my blog posts lately will know, I was recently appointed as Associate Pastor of the church I've been going to since I started college 3 years ago.  I cannot tell you how much of a blessing the job has been so far.  I love the preaching, but more than anything my favorite part of the job is talking with people in my church about what God is doing in their life.  Many times this is right after the service when I get to talk to people about how the message affected them.  It is in moments like this where God confirms for me His calling in my life to be a Pastor.  Seeing how God is using me, a broken vessel in His hands to accomplish His is humbling, and a greater blessing than I can adequately thank God for.

Another way in which I have been feeling incredibly blessed lately is when it comes to my wonderful girlfriend.  As a part of my job, I have 4 weeks of vacation per year.  Two of those weeks I took for the past two weeks.  The first week I spent with her family, and the second week she spent with mine.  The time with her family was awesome!  I love every one of her family members and had such a great time.  Her family lives in a "touristy" town, so there were all kinds of fun things that were always available to do.  I got a lot of sun, and a lot of mosquito bites, but it was wonderful!  Haha!

The second week with my family was awesome as well!  My family loves her, and she loves them.  No matter how crazy they got while she was there (and my family can get quite crazy), Rachel just kept saying that she loved them so much.

At the end of the second week we drove down to Columbus, OH for the wedding of a friend of mine, and it was a beutiful wedding!  Then we drove up to Flint, MI area to stay the night at Rachel's Grandma's place before I drove back to the UP the next day.  It was hard to say goodbye to Rachel that Sunday afternoon...because I will not be seeing her again till school starts up again at the end of August...but I couldn't have asked for a better visit.  God is so good to me...when I am so utterly undeserving...

Rachel holding my niece Emily. This is my favorite pic of Rachel...

The two of us at Watkins Glen in Watkins Glen, NY. It's about an hour away from where my parents live.