When Love Came Down

Merry Christmas everyone!

Joseph's Lullaby

Almost done...

Definition of God

Missions Trip this Summer

Gospel Meditations from Galatians Pt. 4

I Have A Shelter

Grace Alone

180 Movie

Second Invitation...: Overcoming Elections Blues

There Is a Higher Throne

I'm going to be an uncle again!

Gospel Meditations for Voters

Second Invitation...: Why Christians should vote for a Mormon on 11-6-12...

Martin Luther Quotes

Second Invitation...: Fundamentalists and the M-Factor

You Made Us Your Own

Keeping an Open Hand

Gospel Meditations from Galatians Pt. 3

Gospel Meditations from Galatians Pt. 2

Shout to the North

Answers for a "New Atheist"...

East to West

Gospel Mediations from Galatians

Behold Our God


Should Christians seek victory?


Tears of the Saints

Northland Campus Cause 2012

Search Me, Know Me


My Sophomore year is about to begin...

I'll Never Forsake You


The Gospel and Singleness

The Wonder of the Cross

Nearing the end...

God's work, not mine...

Camp Update

Sovereign One

My Father's Love

The Perfect Wisdom of our God


Jesus, Friend of Sinners

What kind of message do we send to the world when all we do, as Christians, is argue?

Freshman year done...

Day by Day

Laborers Together

Do I really love my Lord?

Bird Nerd Central!

Student Conversation with Professor