Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nearing the end...

Well, we have one more week of camp.  I'll be driving back home next Saturday afternoon.  I can't wait to sleep in my own bed, and get some good rest.

Last Monday was my birthday...I'm officially 25 years seeing that written on this page looks really old.  Reaching this milestone has caused me to be very have I used the last 25 years?  Did I live it in a way that was honoring to my savior?  Did I witness like I should have?  Did I make disciples, as the Great Commission calls me to do?  The truth is I'm ashamed to say that I have not...since I came to camp is the greatest amount of discipleship that I have been involved in in my whole life.

What has this realization motivated me to say?  "Not another wasted year..."  Most of my grandparents did not live past, if I follow the family tradition, I'm a third of the way through my life on this earth.  I will be held accountable for the life I lived...the life God gave me to live...

This is the main thing God has taught me this summer...I want to live a grace enabled, God pursuing, people pursuing, discipleship centered life...a gospel centered life...

Below I have posted random pics from the summer that are on facebook...

Good 'ol game of "tube tug"

Last performance of Pioneer Village "funny time"

Living in the teepee, doing "DEPAC" devotions with my campers

Pioneer Village staff picture, during staff training

Last week of Pioneer Village camp staff picture

I was the Redskin team leader, and this is my co-team leader...Katie Sanders...she became a very good friend this summer

Saturday, July 21, 2012

God's work, not mine...

I would like to share something that God taught me this past week, here at camp.  I had one camper this last week who came back during an invitation to get saved.  First of all I wanted to make sure he realized he was a sinner.  So, first I asked him if he was a sinner, and he said yes, but as I proceeded to ask him about specific sins that he had committed and he proceeded to tell me that he had "not really" committed any of those sins.

From the way he was answering my questions, he was, in essence saying he was without sin.  I proceeded to tell him that he was saying that God was a liar because God's word says that all have sinned (Rom. 3:23 & 1 John 1:10).  It was very clear that he was very distracted and did not want to admit his error.  So, all I could think to do was to continue to go through the gospel with him, and just pray with him, but not encourage him to pray the "sinners prayer," because he obviously wasn't ready, and didn't understand that he was a sinner.

After I was done talking to him, I just felt very discouraged.  I began questioning in my head, "God, are you here?  This kid needs Jesus...can't you make him see!?"  I struggled with it most of the evening, but I just kept praying about it, and God just made me realize, that He has a sovereign plan that will be accomplished.  I am just a tool...I might not be the one that leads him to Christ, but He can still use me in this boys life.  He's the one who does the work in one truly comes to Christ, and understands the gospel without the work of God in hearts...

He is good, and He knows exactly what needs to be done...even when I don't understand it...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Camp Update

Well, we just finished our 2nd week of family camp after two weeks of teen and junior camps.  God has been teaching me so much since I got up here to camp.

I love the way Northland does camp.  They have two weeks of staff training before the campers arrive, and the staff training isn't just teaching us how to be good counselors...they basically counsel the counselors before the campers even arrive.  Staff training was an awesome two weeks of just purging idols.  God continues to reveal to me areas of my life where I rely on earthly things (which pass away), and He's helping me to look to Him for strength, and endurance in my Christian race.

The "Catch Phrase" for the summer is, "Jesus is better."  He's better than anything I/we put before Him.  He's better than man's approval, He's better than my own self exaltation, He's better than everything...

I've had two weeks of working with campers, directly, as a junior counselor.  My first week was very stressful, because I was still learning how to do all the things I needed to do as counselor in a week, but the 2nd week was trying to my patience, but God saw me through both weeks, and I'm so thankful for the times that His grace was evident.

I've also had a few difficult situations at home.  One of the ladies in my church lost her baby who was only alive for approximately two months, and also an old friend from when I was in middle school died in a car accident.  God has been teaching me through these things, that even though I might not understand what's going on, He is sovereign, and He has a perfect plan that is being accomplished through all this.  "His way is perfect..."

One last thing that God has been working on my heart about lately that I wanted to share is the fact that I need to be content with being single right now.  I'm getting closer to the point where I would be content to be single for the rest of my life, if that be God's will.  People always say that a pastor should have a wife, but the bible doesn't demand that they have a wife.  The bible says they are to be the husband of one wife, but that just means they shouldn't have more than one.  I believe that if it were God's will for me to be single, that He could provide a woman in the church for me to send woman who are struggling to.  Would I like to be married, and have kids...certainly...but if it's not God's will, I don't want it.

Well, that's all for now.  Please be praying in the upcoming weeks, as we'll have more campers to work with.

I trust all my followers are having a great summer!  Keep seeking God, for He is better!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sovereign One

by Zach Jones

When I’m all alone and afraid
I will trust in You
For You watch over my ways
When things in my life don’t make sense
I will trust in You
For You are good, You are good

Sovereign One
You work all things to Your plan
Sovereign One
You hold all things in Your hands

When I don’t get to have my own way
I will trust in You
For You know what is best
When tears begin to roll down my face
I will trust in You
For You are good, You are good

Perfect in power, You control all things
Perfect in wisdom, You know everything
Perfect in goodness
Jesus, You’re so good to me
So good to me

© 2004 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP).